The Water Project Introduced in Rukumberi

Reported by Amanda Mulder
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October 2019

The Water Project Introduced in Rukumberi

Reported by Amanda Mulder

Water Project staff held a meeting on October 17th with the Church Network Committee members in Rukumberi to introduce the Water Project. Rebero, Water Project Coordinator was able to announce to the community that starting in December, the Water Project would begin distributing technologies in the sector. In total, the Water Project plans to distribute 2,365 SAM3 Household Filters, 10 SAM2 Community Filters, and 15 Rain Water Harvest Systems on selected churches.

The first Rain Water Harvest System will be installed in November 2019, on the ADEPR Sake church, which has been selected as the central hub for distributions in the sector. Staff asked pastors to select volunteers for the Water Project. These volunteers will be trained on all Water Project technologies in the coming months. Volunteers will also learn basic health and hygiene practices.

Country: Rwanda
District: Ngoma
Sector: Rukumberi
Cell: Ntovi
Volunteers are the key to our success. All volunteers receive training on water, sanitation and hygiene principles as well as how to build, operate and maintain filter technologies. Volunteers complete a certification program that ensures they are prepared to train and support recipients.