160 SAM3 Filters Distributed in March

Reported by Chip Kragt
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March 2022

160 SAM3 Filters Distributed in March

Reported by Chip Kragt, Story written by Amanda Mulder

In March 2022, Water Project volunteers met four times each week to wash and sift sand to prepare SAM3 household filters. Together, they were able to assemble and distribute 160 SAM3 household filters in March to families in Kigese Village.

The team was also able to visit households to check on the functionality of 126 SAM3 household filters; 7 SAM2 community filters, and 6 rain water harvest systems. All of the systems were found in good working order. During these visits, volunteers were able to reinforce hygiene and sanitation practices.

Country: Rwanda
District: Ngoma
Sector: Rukumberi
Cell: Ntovi
SAM3 (Sand And Membrane) filters are placed in households for a family and their neighbors. They meet WHO's standards and requires no electricity to function, making it ideal for rural communities. Each family receives extensive training and ongoing volnteer support to maintain the filter for it's 10-year-plus lifespan.