Clean Water for Marie Jeanne and Valens

Reported by Rebero Jean d'Amour
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November 2019

Clean Water for Marie Jeanne and Valens

Reported by Rebero Jean d'Amour, Story written by Amanda Mulder

Marie Jeanne and Valens have 5 children between the ages of 9 and 22 years old. Before receiving a SAM3 Household Filter from the Water Project, their living conditions were made difficult by using dirty water from the lake. Their children were at risk of getting sick, and the family spent too much time at the hospital.

Now, they are grateful that they have a filter that they use to clean the water from the lake. The neighbors bring their own water to be filtered too so that the benefits can also be shared. They know how to maintain the filter them, so the volunteer doesn’t need to come to do it for them.

This family is very happy for the changes that the filter brought into their life. They are grateful because they no longer go to the hospital due to water bone diseases. Valens says that he wishes that many people can get clean water through the Water Project, so that no one ever gets sick again because of drinking lake water.

Country: Rwanda
District: Bugesera
Sector: Gashora
Cell: Kagomasi
SAM3 (Sand And Membrane) filters are placed in households for a family and their neighbors. They meet WHO's standards and requires no electricity to function, making it ideal for rural communities. Each family receives extensive training and ongoing volnteer support to maintain the filter for it's 10-year-plus lifespan.