Theogene & Apolonia

Reported by Rebero Jean d'Amour
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June 2020

Theogene & Apolonia

Reported by Rebero Jean d'Amour, Story written by Amanda Mulder

Theogene and his wife, Apolonia, live in a rural village in Rwanda with their 4-year-old daughter Lafie. Everyone in the village faces challenges with finding access to clean water. Most families use water from nearby lakes. But, Theogene searched for a better option. 20 Liters helped him find it.

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Country: Rwanda
District: Bugesera
Sector: Gashora
Cell: Kagomasi
SAM3 (Sand And Membrane) filters are placed in households for a family and their neighbors. They meet WHO's standards and requires no electricity to function, making it ideal for rural communities. Each family receives extensive training and ongoing volnteer support to maintain the filter for it's 10-year-plus lifespan.